Aspiring Lash tech? Want to brush up on your lashing skills?

JCary Lash University’s Mission: 

 JCary Lash Co. offers extensive and detailed Classic Training Courses for inspiring lash technicians. Classic lashing is the first step to the beginning of a succesful lash career. JCary offers hands on one-day and two-day courses, as well as express courses. Each class certifies its individuals to become a lash tech. Participants will be fully equipped with the knowledge and products needed to launch a thriving lash career. Class sizes are kept small to encourage a more intimate setting, which allows each student to have individual time with the instructor. We also offer group classes at more affordable rates and up to 10 students per class. Although the class size is increased, students will still receive all tools necessary to become successful in this industry. Click the link below to see all class descriptions and pricing and availability.