Being picky about adhesive isn’t a bad thing!

Choosing Eyelash Extension Glue Goes Beyond Packaging and Price

Fact: False eyelashes can give your clients real confidence. But that doesn’t mean every eyelash extension glue provide it. The quality and safety of your glue is the difference between your clients being self-conscious about their lashes vs. not having to think twice about them.


With so many beauty products we purchase, packaging and price carry a lot of weight. But this shouldn’t be the case when you’re choosing products for a highly sensitive area of the body (in this case, your clients’ precious peepers). While you might be smitten with a shiny package or a low price, quality and safety should always come first.


Before you’re stuck with the wrong choice, here are some things to consider when choosing an eyelash extension glue:

Eyelash Glue Ingredients

As with any type of glue, some eyelash extension glues may contain harsh chemicals that can irritate clients with sensitivities. Certain ingredients may be more likely to trigger allergic reactions.


Check the ingredient list to make sure your eyelash glue does not contain formaldehyde, ammonia, phthalates, or latex, as these can pose health risks even to non-sensitive clients.

Shelf Life

Shelf life and storage requirements are top considerations because they help you maximize your purchase. You don’t want to buy more glue than you’d use before it expires. Make sure you can follow all storage requirements to preserve the integrity of your eyelash glue. For example, our Black Opal adhesive has a shelf life of 1.5 months, while our Diamond adhesive lasts for a month or longer.

Drying Time

Skilled eyelash artists should have no trouble applying their clients’ lashes right the first time. After all, the longer it takes, the more likely your client is to twitch or move, which can offset the positioning of their lashes.


That’s why drying time is an important factor when choosing eyelash extension glue. Fast-setting glue limits the time your customer is in the chair, helping to preserve your hard work and avoid re-dos.


However, you also need to be honest about your application skills. Glue that sets too fast gives you very little flexibility in how you place your extensions. You may end up with unhappy clients when you have to make multiple attempts.  

Bond Time

The lowest cost eyelash extension glue can easily become the highest price when the glue bonds are weak. If you are using inferior glue in your shop, chances are your customers will come back to you within days wondering why their eyelashes are no longer sticking.


A quality eyelash extension glue will be able to maintain its hold for weeks at a time. For example, our JC Black Opal eyelash glue has a bond time of up to 6-8 weeks. The longer you can extend your customers’ service, the happier they’ll be with the result and know it was money well spent.

Choosing Your Eyelash Extension Glue with Confidence

Now that you know more about what to look for in a safe, high-quality eyelash extension glue, you can move forward and have your clients’ best interests in mind. Shop our collection today!

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